BodiTrak is an innovative pressure mapping system!

Sensor mats made of highly elastic Lycra with integrated conductive tracks are used to precisely measure pressure loads on the human body while sitting, standing, lying down or even in motion and display them in real time in colour on a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Limitless possibilities!

Where is BodiTrak used?

Quite simple: wherever pressure occurs!

BodiTrak can significantly improve the quality of life in a wide variety of situations and provide scientifically based measurement results. No matter if in the office, in bed, during sports or hobbies, sitting, standing, walking or even lying down:

  • How do I best adjust my office chair, my car seat or my seating position in a wheelchair?
  • How can I minimise the risk of pressure sores for a person in need of care?
  • How can I improve my balance or optimise my walking movement?
  • Do I have a flat or hollow foot?
  • Which bicycle saddle suits me best?
  • How can I improve my golf swing?
  • And even: Where does the riding saddle pinch on my horse?


Interesting facts


Dr. Markus Spalek, Inventor and developer of the Nocubi lying system

The use of Boditrak was an important support in the development of our Nocubi anti-decubitus lying system. The knowledge about the actual pressure conditions is an important component to be able to assess the risk of bedsores.

Thank you, Mr. Serwane, for your support and advice on our Boditrak! This enabled us to optimize our Nocubi even before clinical testing – and to top the hoped-for results in reality thanks to the unique dynamics.

The prophylaxis of pressure sores is the best way for everyone involved:

  • First and foremost, of course, for those affected.
  • For the already overburdened nursing staff and relatives.
  • For the cost bearers – pressure ulcer therapy devours at least 2 billion euros per year!