Running analysis

BodiTrak treadmill sensors can be used in a variety of settings. They have been supporting stroke and vesticular rehabilitation and research for more than ten years, yet.

Furthermore they are successfully used in training diagnostics for (competitive) athletes to optimise running movements. On the one hand, this promotes performance and endurance and, on the other hand, reduces the risk of running injuries, such as ITB syndrome, Achilles tendon irritation, etc. The system is also used for training purposes.

The system is inexpensive compared to more research-oriented devices. The sensors can be easily retrofitted to treadmills with smooth decks and belts. Or they can be integrated directly into production by manufacturers.

BodiTrak2 Balance Sensors

  • Used in dynamic and static evaluation modes

  • Capture and show how symmetrical and stable the walking or running patient is

  • Combine with cognitive challenges on a screen or with VR to distract the patient while walking


Flexible | Durable | Wireless

BodiTrak2 sensor

  • Treadmill sensors are a dynamic alternative to static standing on balance mats

  • Use for regular standing balance checks and as a support for assessing stability in movement

  • They can also be included in rehabilitation protocols for patients with e.g. neurological conditions.

  • They are specially designed for the harder load on treadmills

  • Also suitable as an OEM product or for retrofitting. Easy to use and competitively priced compared to other scientific devices commonly added to treadmills.

Technical Data

Specification Balance mat medium Balance mat large
Model BT-1625-300 BT-1632-300
Sensor type Pressure Pressure
Sensor size 25,4mm 25,4mm
Number of sensors 400 (16 x 25) 512 (16 x 32)
Measuring range Length 940mm 940mm
Measuring range width 470mm 470mm
Calibration range 20 & 40psi 20 & 40psi
Specification Balance mat medium Balance mat large
Upper material Teflon Teflon
Bottom material Teflon Teflon
Connection and power supply USB-A USB-A
Cable length 240cm 240cm
Total length 1370mm 1370mm
Total width 610mm 610mm
Scan Rate 100Hz 100Hz