Our pressure measurement solutions allow therapists to assess, train and document to restore or optimise the patient’s balance.

BodiTrak offers several pressure measurement solutions for healthcare professionals.

The BodiTrak pressure measurement mat benefits clinics, therapists and most importantly, patients.

BodiTrak systems for balance training

Advanced solutions for rehabilitation

The BodiTrak Pressure Measurement Mat is designed to measure balance, passive and active stability to reduce the risk of falls, reduce recovery time, assess an athlete’s rehab and improve posture.

The system tracks the centre of pressure and calculates total and maximum distance and speed. The pressure sensor mats provide detailed balance test data in real time with which detailed reports can be generated.


BodiTrak Balance Software uses a pressure mapping sensor to provide centre of pressure and vertical force information in easy-to-understand software that displays patient motion and foot pressure.

The system shows and documents the patient’s stability by displaying range of motion, acceleration, standard deviation, total sway and weight bearing from side to side and heel to toe. The Pressure Tracking Centre is easy to understand and a powerful training tool that provides a quick, clear overview of how the patient is performing the assigned task. Statistical data and graphs in the reports document what the therapist observes.