The BodiTrak2 Bed System is designed to address two major risks your facility faces on a daily basis:

Decubitus and patient falls from the bed.

The system has an easy-to-use interface and the high flexibility allows the system to be integrated with your individual clinical IT system.

This enables central monitoring of all beds and patients.

BodiTrak2 Advantages

Minimisation of risk & injuries


  • Fast, flexible and simple real-time pressure monitoring can reduce the risk of pressure injuries

  • Identify high-risk areas by monitoring pressure forces and risk based on Reswick-Rogers curve

  • Customisable time-to-turn indicator with alarm and/or text message reminders

  • Improved support surface selection process

  • Assists caregivers in optimal repositioning to reduce risk


  • The system includes an exit alarm to signal when the patient has left the bed

  • Alarm sensitivity can be adjusted according to patient body type, movement and bed edge condition

  • Adjustable alarm duration

Intelligent bed sensor | pressure

BodiTrak2 assist technology Pressure sensing

Built-in sensor mats monitor body pressure to identify areas of high risk. BodiTrak2 technology detects patient movement to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers and falls.


  • Patented sensor material is elastic and maintains the immersion properties of the support surface

  • Can be used as a 24/7 monitoring system via WiFi

  • Settings can be customised to fit your facility’s wound and fall prevention protocols

  • Detailed data collection provides the ability to adjust care based on identified risk

Smart Fabric technology is an advanced system that can help minimise the costs to the healthcare system caused by pressure loading. Nurses make informed decisions about patient care, ensure compliance with clinical standards and improve the overall quality of care.

BodiTrak2 Bed Monitor Sensor

  • Size 91 x 203 cm | 91 x 213 cm | 106 x 203 cm | 122 x 213 cm
  • Detection area varies depending on model
  • Sensor cells 1in 2
  • Weight capacity 2.5 to 250 kg.
  • Specification description
  • Adjustable alarms and settings: Timer, alarm volume, exit, risk and gradient.
  • Smart Fabric Sensor material Lycra stretch
  • Latex-free Yes
  • Connectivity WiFi, USB, Compatible
  • HIPPA and HL7 compliant Yes
  • FDA, CE and ISO 13485 Yes

Technical Data

Specification Description
Sizes 91 x 203 cm | 91 x 213 cm | 106 x 203 cm | 122 x 213 cm
Measuring range varies depending on model
Sensor cells 6,4cm2
Load capacity 2.5 – approx. 250 kg
Alarms and settings Timer, alarm volume, exit, risk and gradient
Intelligent material stretchable Lycra
Interfaces W-LAN, USB
Latex-free yes
HIPPA and HL7 compliant yes
FDA, CE and ISO 13485 certified yes